Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First Post / Primer Entrada

After thinking and thinking, I decided to start a blot to reflect on how I am filling my long days of unemployment. I have been out of work since October 31st, 2009 and I have spend a lot of the time with my "new" best friend: my 1965 Raleigh 3 Speed Space Rider. I never learned to ride a bike as a child, in fact, I'm now in my mid thirties and just learned to ride 6 months ago. And, I'm so glad I decided to give a try. I must say, it is pretty weird to be a grown-up while learning to balance....But now that I'm getting better I would not give it up for anything in the world. I love riding in the sun, riding without worries, without a sense of time or hurry. I guess that's the beauty of having a lot of free time...and living in beautiful Santa Barbara.

Despues de pensar y pensar, finalmente he decidido escribir un blog para recoger como paso el tiempo durante este periodo de desempleo. Llevo desde el 31 de octubre sin trabajar y la gran parte del tiempo la he ocupado con mi "nueva" mejor amiga: mi 1965 Raleigh Space Rider de 3 marchas.Nunca aprendí a montar en bici durante mi infancia, de hecho con mis treinta y pico primaveras aprendí apenas hace 6 meses. Y me alegro tanto de haber decidido intentarlo. Debo confesar que es raro aprender a montar en bici cuando eres un adulto pero ahora que voy mejorando no lo cambiaría por nada en el mundo. No hay nada como delizarte con la bici por las calles en un día soleado, pedaleando sin preocupación, sin prisas y me figuro que es parte de lo bueno de tener mucho tiempo libre y de vivir en la preciosa ciudad de Santa Barbara.


  1. Hi, thanks for adding me to your blogroll. Looking forward to reading your bike blog! That's awesome that it's bilingual.

    I used to have an old blue Raleigh too. Cool bike.

    Let me know if you want to go on a ride sometime. Or hope to see you at a BikeMoves event. :)

  2. Dear Chica,
    We are bike twins on two counts:
    1. Yesterday I became the proud owner of a Space Rider the same color as yours.
    2. I, too, just learned to ride as an old grown-up and actually still can hardly believe I can keep myself aloft, though now I look forward to hours of riding enjoyment on my trusty Raleigh.
    I look forward to reading of your adventures and salute you!
    Patti P
    Cambridge, MA